150 days in Finland

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150 days, 21 saunas, 900+ pictures and a lot of fun. My ERASMUS program in Finland is now finished… Let’s make a little recap with the pictures!


Snow everywhere

View from my room


Some pictures of my trip to Helsinki:



The french table during the International Food Party at the university:

International Food Party

The library at the university:

The library

More pictures of January:


My trip to Lapland was magical. It was like nothing that I’ve already visited in my life: waiting the Aurora outside during all the night, swimming in the Arctic Ocean, being alone in the forest, etc…


March was the month with the best weather. A lot of sun and blue sky! I also travelled to Stockholm with my friend Jérémy.

More pictures of March:


Hum… April was difficult. I didn’t do a lot of thing because I spent a lot of my time working at the university.

But I started my running workout! Finland is the best place where I have run: good climate, big forest with a lot of tracks and no air pollution!

And we got some snow at the end of the month!


Last month… It’s the month where you realise that you have so much thing to do: studying for the exams, finishing all the projects for the courses and travelling!

We also made a trip in Tallinn with Jérémy.

And we finished the day in Helsinki.

To finish my ERASMUS program, I ate a big pizza (70 cm diameter) with my friends from EPITA.

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Thibault Deutsch

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