Let's start my ERASMUS program in Finland

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Yesterday, my friend and I arrived in Tampere. It was our first day in Finland.

First, we took our flight. My friends took a flight from Paris to Helsinki and then Helsinki to Tampere. Because I was with my parents for the vacation, my first flight was Frankfurt to Helsinki. Then, we meet each other in Tampere.


When we arrived in Tampere, we took the bus to Hervanta. It is a district of Tampere where there is TUT (Tampere University of Technology) and our apartment. The bus ticket is a little bit expensive in Finland: 2.6€ for one hour. Moreover, at the first time we were lost because we took the bus at approximately 5 pm and so it was already dark night. However, the Finnish are really cool and kind. They helped us to find our way.

The apartment are big and clean. But there is no crockery kit. Therefore, our first meal was a pizza :).

First meal

Now, we have to buy all the things we need. But it will be another adventure…

PS: it’s my first post in English. I hope you enjoy it. Tell me if you see some mistakes :)

Thibault Deutsch

Thibault Deutsch

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