Spring is coming

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Yeah! Spring is coming in Finland, already! Normally, before april the temperature should be about 0/-5 ˚C. But this year was a mild winter.

During the last two weeks, we had cloudy weather, but the temperature started to increase. And this week, the spring came. The temperature is now about 5/7 ˚C and there is a lot of sun!

So, with my room mates we decided to walk a little bit in the city center of Tampere.



There is a famous tower near the center of Tampere where you can eat Finnish donuts and have a really nice view.

Finnish donuts

View from the donnuts tower

Moreover, there is also a special tower in Hervanta. It’s an old water tower where there is now a pizzeria/kebab at the top of the tower! I think you can find this kind of things only in Finland :D.

View from the water tower

The pizzeria at the top of the tower

The weather is so good that it is the right time to walk in the forest, like a real Finns!

Finnish forest

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